Maximum Growth Live with special guest Mark Britton

Today on the podcast you can catch Seth Price and Jay Ruane on Maximum Growth Live with special guest Mark Britton!

Tune in for a great conversation on how you get the gumption to create something when it’s never been done before and how to keep going when other people say it’s not going to work and keep going? 

Mark started his career as an SEC lawyer but, over his career, migrated to senior executive and board positions in companies such as Expedia and Orbitz.

Mark is the founder and former CEO and Chairman of Avvo, an online marketplace for legal services, that was purchased by Internet Brands in 2018. 

For twelve years, Mark built Avvo into one of the stars of the Seattle tech ecosystem with 400+ employees and raising $132 million from venture investors. 

For his work at Avvo, Above the Law called him “the person who most disrupted law this decade”. 

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