Are Your Clothes Helping You or Hurting You with Melanie Lippman
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie is joined by Melanie Lippman. Melanie is an Image Consultant and Personal Branding expert who helps high-powered women in male dominated fields use style to communicate confidence, build connections, and achieve next-level visibility.

Navigating the duality of motherhood and building your firm, Elise chats with Melanie about ‘How style can encapsulate both your leadership and motherhood persona’”. Deep diving into:

  • The challenges women face balancing their role as a boss and a mom when it comes to style (and how they can ensure neither get left behind)
  • Getting out of the ‘I should wear a suit’ funnel women in law often fall into
  • How to discover your own powerful personal style (and put it into action) based on your personal priorities and style goals
  • The types of opportunities that women pass up because they don’t have the clothes to suit the occasion
  • The transformational impact that showing up authentically as you can has on your career
  • And more!

Listen in!



Episode Highlights:

02:00 Meet Melanie who believes that the only way to feel free is to know that it’s yours!  

07:28 Finding power in dressing the way you feel is the “real” you …

09:40 How to pull out peoples’ styles of clothes out of them when they are hiding. 

14:36 When you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear — what do you do? 

19:44 How do finances play a part of dressing yourself 

23:33 Hacks and tips for clothes shopping

29:07 “I don’t have time to learn how to dress myself” 

38:35 Teaching your kids how to dress for themselves


📹 Watch the interview here.


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