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Get Staffed Up provides US-based law firms and service businesses the top 1% of virtual assistants from around the world. Our unique and careful vetting process makes us the choice of hundreds of growing businesses.  

How did we start? 

We believed that a staffing company that could help entrepreneurs and small business owners decrease labor margins must already be out there. But we couldn’t find them. And after spending months researching the market, the labor force, and the technology, we found out why other offshore staffing companies focus on the “big guys” in business – their own overhead! They need to charge big companies large prices to meet their own profitability. So the smaller and medium-sized businesses – like us – get left behind. Voilà – we found the problem – and it inspired us to craft the solution.

At Get Staffed Up we help hundreds of lawyers at small and mid-size firms hire reliable virtual legal assistants, virtual receptionists, virtual intake coordinators, marketing assistants and more. And other service-industries are turning to us for help too.  We focus on hiring from South America and South Africa, and promise the partners we work with top-rated staffers with excellent English who can handle client-facing positions. Everyone we bring on is hardworking, energetic, and thrilled to be making a fair wage.. This allows you to “Get Staffed Up”, and tackle all the projects you need to complete to get ahead.

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