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BluShark Digital LLC was founded by Seth, an accomplished attorney and transformational thought leader who scaled a 2-person law firm to 40 lawyers in less than a decade. BluShark Digital uses the same cutting-edge marketing techniques (high-quality technical optimization, sophisticated content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization) that Seth used to grow his own business and has established itself as a best in class digital agency focusing on the legal sector.

BluShark Digital stands true to our founder’s vision of lifting the confusion around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by providing clients with transparent and proven SEO solutions. We help your business stand out online and we bring more than just leads – we bring results.

BluShark prides itself on being an agency that puts its clients first. We are dedicated to developing innovative, practical, and successful Search Engine Optimization solutions for businesses, no matter their size or practice.

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An accomplished attorney and transformational thought leader, Seth Price is a founding partner and the business backbone of Price Benowitz LLP as well as the founder and CEO of BluShark Digital. Seth took a two-person law firm and scaled to 40 lawyers in less than a decade. Now Seth has taken the same digital power that built the firm to create a best-in-class digital agency focused on the legal sector in BluShark Digital. Seth has been a frequent lecturer and moderator at some of the largest and most influential law conferences in the United States, speaking on the tools and strategies law firms can use to align their business development with changing consumer habits. He has spoken on topics including but not limited to, how to build a firm, ethics, best practices for firm operations, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing as a whole.



Nalini Prasad has worked alongside Seth Price — Managing Partner of Price Benowitz, LLP and Founder of BluShark Digital — to create a digital marketing agency focused on helping small law firms build their business and stand out online. Nalini frequently speaks to legal audiences across the country on the intersection of utilizing best practices of trending SEO techniques and generating quality leads online. Nalini also shares creative strategies to leverage traditional offline marketing efforts to build a firm’s brand and increase a firm’s online visibility. As Chief Strategy Officer at BluShark Digital, Nalini designs and implements cutting edge strategies across the four fundamental aspects of digital marketing — sophisticated content creation, creative link-building, savvy technical optimization, and community-driven local SEO.

Born and raised in Florida, Nalini moved to DC 12 years ago. She counts this as one of her better life decisions and has no intention of ever returning to a life where seasons do not exist. When Nalini’s not geeking out over Google’s latest algorithm update, she enjoys sporting events, traveling, scotch, and chocolate-covered pretzels.


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