MaxLawCon 2018 Review ML094
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will go over the first edition of The Maximum Lawyer Conference. They will talk about their observations and what they experienced going through each event and breaking down all the presentations that took place in the conference.

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Systems, SEO, content, marketing, branding, and more. But the real highlight of the event: Personal interactions…

The speakers delivered. The presentations were excellent. But what was more important, the connection between everyone who was there. The speakers were all very approachable and every who came to the event could talk to whomever they wanted.

Hacking’s Hack:
Stay tuned and make sure to register to upcoming the MaxLawCon 2019.
Anneke Godlewski wrote down everything that happened during the conference in the facebook group. Check it out!

Tyson’s Tip:
This Time Tyson has a favor to ask to the attendees that came to the conferences and people that did not come to the conference… Tell us what you want. Put it in the facebook group. Who do you want to be with? What you want to do? Topics? Ideas?


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