Being a Mom & Special Ed Attorney with Frances Shefter
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Frances Shefter.

Frances started her professional career as a regular education teacher. She always had an interest in special education and decided to obtain her master’s in special education. After 7 years in the classroom, she became the special education coordinator at an alternative middle and high school. After 2 years in that position, Frances realized that she was not making the difference she wanted to make. Having always been interested in law, her next natural step was law school. After a stint in Florida practicing family law, she moved back to the Maryland area. Frances was a contract attorney in DC when she learned about DC Superior Court’s CCAN panel. On her second attempt, she was accepted on the panel as a special education attorney. Around the same time, she met her now husband. Shortly after she got married, they started fertility treatment and she stopped being a contract attorney and started focusing on her law firm. She had her first daughter and continued building her firm while being a new mommy. 2 years later, she got baby fever and was back at the fertility clinic getting pregnant with her second daughter. She moved her office out of the house and into an actual office. Her special education law firm is now growing to help more families have a Stress-Free IEP experience while still being present as a mommy for her daughters.

4:40 the juggle is real
11:30 navigating SpEd services
10:50 Zoom school impact
18:03 kids and their strengths
21:53 mom guilt
25:07 quality time
29:36 life fulfillment

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