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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joined Jennifer Hargrave and talk all things grief, teens and self-reflection.

Jennifer is the owner of Hargrave Family Law . She helps good people end broken marriages. When facing divorce, people need to know they have options. Divorce does not have to end in disaster. The best divorces are ones where both partners are empowered to make decisions - not where fear is the operating force. Building a business is very similar.

Jennifer recently lost her mother to cancer. She died four months from the date of diagnosis. Walking through this period of tremendous personal loss has strengthened her fortitude to help people find the blessings in the midst of very dark circumstances.

3:20 the teen years
10:50 having other things to fill you up
16:32 opportunity for growth
18:25 when your responsibilities shift

Watch the interview here.

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