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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joined Sondra Firestein, the founder of Pursuit Concierge to discuss outsourcing and delegation. Tune in ladies, we're not just talking about outsourcing at the office, this can be done in our ever demanding personal lives as well! 

Sondra helps busy households and businesses overcome the overwhelm with mindful delegation™. In 2014 she founded Pursuit Concierge, a membership-based lifestyle management company,  to help people lighten their loads and concentrate on what matters most to them, whether that's spending time with loved ones, building an empire, working on that side hustle, or just getting more rest.

She believes that people are better contributors to their world when they’re supported by others. By offering hands-on, practical support to motivated and kind people she empowers them to live fuller lives and make a bigger impact on their community. When your energy is concentrated on what brings you joy, those you touch will feel the difference. When she's not wrangling to-do lists, she's cuddling with her kitty #ladytobiko, spending time with her fronds in her garden, or diving into a good book.

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Watch the interview here.

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