A Team Model for Moms with Amy Carei
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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joined her team member Amy Carei.

Amy comes from humble beginnings. She was the first person in her extended family to go to college, let alone attend law school. Raised by a single mother with limited means, Amy understands the importance of family and the value of a dollar. She takes neither for granted in her law practice.

Amy prides herself on being a genuine and approachable person first and a lawyer second. She takes time to understand what her clients are going through and has a knack for explaining complicated legal processes in plain English.

She believes that true collaboration leads to the best legal outcomes. Amy’s approach to law is that she sees herself as the navigator and the client as the pilot. She feels this way because, while she may be the expert when it comes to the legal process, the client remains the authority about what is best for their life.

Amy has significant experience representing clients in times of crisis. Before transitioning to private practice, she worked for an agency that was dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence. She is passionate about providing families with opportunities to create safer, more stable lives.

A fifth-generation Washingtonian, Amy lives in Tacoma with her spouse, her three children, and two dogs – a Newfoundland named Huxley and a St. Bernard named Ellie. The family enjoys cooking, gardening, and hiking together. Amy’s hobbies include remodeling her 1890’s Craftsman house and restoring old Toyota hatchbacks.

Watch the interview here.

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