Bag It, Barter It, or Better It with Melissa Shanahan
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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joined Melissa Shanahan! 

Melissa Shanahan founded Velocity Work after several years at a consulting firm focused on the growth of private practices all across the U.S. After coaching over 350 doctors, dentists, and lawyers – she chose to narrow her services to attorneys only and started Velocity Work.


The host of the Velocity Work podcast and an extremely effective coach for attorneys running their own firms, Melissa brings her A-game to everything she does. Her energy is infectious and the material she’s teaching will forever change how you think.

From mindset, to vision, to productivity, to tracking firm data, Velocity Work has helped hundreds of attorneys grow their firm on their terms.

Melissa lives in Denver where she and her husband (also an entrepreneur) are raising their sweet 1 year old son, Lachlan.

Watch the interview here.

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