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Today on the show we have Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe, co-hosts of the Hustle & Flowchart podcast and Evergreen Profits.

They’ll discuss living through the evolution of WordPress, their Evergreen Content Traffic model, how to integrate affiliate revenue into your business, and delegating tasks to operate in your Zones of Genius.

Some of the strategies they’ll discuss:

-Getting on podcasts

-Getting the right people on your podcast

-Affiliate revenue

-Content marketing and retargeting

-Newsletter promos

-How lawyers can use video content

Hacking’s Hack: Optimize the content you are already producing. Check out Evergreen Profits and learn conversion through retargeting. It will really help you have more intelligent conversations about marketing.

Tyson’s Tip: You need google forms and slack. Each Friday morning I have a feedback form that goes out to all employees that I review over the weekend. It’s really helped things to become more efficient.

Joe’s Tip: Figure out what you love to do. If you don’t like what you’re doing, delegate. Simplify.

Matt’s Tip: There’s a book right now that we’ve been reading: How To Be A Capitalist Without Having Capital.

Evergreen Profits (Joe & Matt’s Website):

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