MaxLawCon 2021 Speaker Marco Brown 323
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Introducing MaxLawCon 2021 Speaker Marco Brown, of Brown Law – Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys.

A good friend called and asked Marco to help her with her very difficult divorce case, andwhile he had never done a divorce before, he knew I needed to take her case. It wasn’t until he helped his friend that he found what he had been looking for in the law. Helping families successfully transition during such a difficult period was necessary, fulfilling, and important work.

Since finishing his friend’s case, he has dedicated himself to becoming the best divorce and family law attorney possible and developing the best family law firm in Utah.

Join us in St. Charles, MO at the Ameristar Casino, Resort, and Spa to hear his presentation: Your #1 Job: Get Paid

Watch the sneak peek. 

Last chance early bird tickets available now.

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