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Did you know that it is human nature to think of adding things into our lives before we think about subtracting? Like when life gets stressful … we add. Or when work gets too busy – we add. 

Today we are excited to talk to our guest Leidy Klotz, author of the book “Subtract”. We talk about our instinct to add, and answer the question of “What if we thought about subtracting?” 

We talk about a huge physical example of subtracting (San Francisco freeway) and a subtraction checklist that we can use to cue ourselves to stop and think about subtracting as well. For example, Do you really need to go to that meeting? Or are you just a passenger? 

Join Jim and Tyson today as they deep dive into this idea of:“Why do we think of adding before we think of subtracting? And what can we do about it?” Because one of the biggest challenges with subtracting is that it’s invisible to your calendar. So what are the benefits to you personally and to your business? 

Listen in and take notes. 


Episode Highlights:

1:11 Meet Leidy Klotz …

04:28 Are we built to add? Is it a survival instinct? 

06:06 The exercise of removing 5 things from your calendar every week AND the benefits!

08:00 How do we stop so that we can  intentionally think about subtracting from our lives?

10:16 Even after we do think of subtracting, it can be hard to execute — just like the San Francisco freeway …  here’s why …

14:06 What is a checklist for subtraction? And what would be on it? 

19:47 What are the recommended standards for when something should be eliminated for business and personal purposes?

22:09 What about when you want to do a bunch of different things and you’re trying to get it all done? (personal and business) 

24:31 Time famine … and what we can do about it 


Jim’s Hack: Read Leidy’s book “Subtract” AND — Drink a gallon of water a day! Benefits = clear and healthy skin, less headaches and joint aches, plus more!

Tysons Tip:  Pick one of the things that you’ve been putting off in your life and start doing it, but FIRST — remove 2 things from your calendar to free up your time to do the thing that you’ve been wanting to do.

Guest Tip: If you like to read books, read anything by Eduardo Galiano because he wrote the best soccer book of all time called “Soccer and Son and Shadow”. Brilliant writer!


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