Unconventionally Starting Your Law Firm with Latrice Latin
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie is joined by Latrice Latin. Latrice was a single mother, and law firm owner for over 13 years. She finished law school with one child and had a crazy career ride going from working for a firm and starting her own firm all while navigating motherhood.

Latrice has secured millions in settlements for her personal injury clients over the span of her career.  She works hard for her clients and gets the results that are needed on their behalf. 

She has recently established a virtual law firm which allows for efficiency and easy access for her clients through the pandemic. She has recently taken on representing misdemeanor criminal clients for low rates to help them keep their records clean.


Episode Highlights:

01:30 Meet Latrice 

05:30 Running your law firm virtually the pros and cons of it!

09:57 How to get everything set up?! 

17:23 Fulfilling your destiny … even when things are unconventional 

25:04 Finding balance as a single mom 

28:23 Taking care of mental health and self care … making sure you take the time


Connect with Latrice:





📹 Watch the interview here.

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