How Every Lawyer can LEGALLY save $10,000 or More Every Year On Their Taxes w/ Larry Weinstein 429
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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Larry  Weinstein from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn about saving money on your taxes.

Larry works with business owners to structure their affairs to legally reduce the taxes that they pay and keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pocket where it rightfully belongs. He is the author of a number of books, including The Official Business Owner’s Guide to Selecting a Business Entity-How Every New and Existing Business Can Choose the Best Entity to Operate Their Business-Attorney Edition AND Nine Mistakes Attorneys Make That Cause Them to Overpay Their Taxes …AND Eight Major Changes of the New Tax Law-How the New Tax Law Will Affect Your Practice and Your Family-Attorney Edition.

1:29 strategic tax minimazation 

4:49 share your knowledge

9:26 AGI

13:59 asset strategy

17:18 schedule c

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