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When one of your hacks turns into a smashing success … that’s what happened to today’s guest on the podcast. Keith Lee is CMO for a software company called Case Status. Through a phone app or website portal all law firm clients are able to check the status of their cases. Just like online banking.

This eliminates roughly 85% of a law firm’s inbound phone volume from current clients. With the support of the messaging system, calendaring tasks, reminders, e-signature, and stage levels, clients expectations are set about your firm’s work and where everyone is in the process. 

This is not a case management system, but a client management system that we are talking about in today’s episode. Listen in as Keith goes over the 3 big reasons why you might want to check out Case Status to manage your clients. 


Episode Highlights:

01:18 Keith’s journey which a super weird non-traditional, legal career path

03:08 Keith’s insights on what mistakes most legal tech vendors make when dealing with law firms and lawyers

04:35 Making a career change …  

15:06 What is Case Status? And how can it help lawyers? 

21:14 What integrations come with Case Status  …


Jim’s Hack: This week is a mindset shift from short patient’s levels, where if something doesn’t work you quickly jump over to the next thing, TO instead of jumping around — why not try staying the  course and see what happens.

Tyson’s Tip:  A new website and app called Wombo, that takes words you give it and creates art about those words. It could do some fun social media things. 

Keith Tips: Check out Naval Ravikant, micro podcast series all about his fundamental strategies to build wealth over a long period of time. Listen to this gem in less than 3 hours! Perfect for any business owner. 


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