When and How To Ask For Help with Kara McKeage
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie is joined by Kara McKeage. Kara McKeage is the founder of Pepper’s Personal Assistants, a sourcing and placement agency for highly vetted personal assistants. With the belief that support is not a luxury, support is a necessity. She is dedicated to helping professional women let go of the shame around outsourcing household tasks so they can find more time, feel organized and have peace of mind. 

Kara provides a framework and mindset shift in releasing the fear of delegation and outsourcing household tasks and how to have a successful relationship with your personal assistants. With a team of 24 employees, Kara can share the importance of embracing support, leadership for remote teams, and taking actions that align with your core values. You can expect Kara to share lessons learned and key takeaways on life and business. 


Episode Highlights:

01:20 Meet Kara! 

04:11 Getting support 

09:30 When starting to delegate to a personal assistant 

14:57 Accepting that you actually cannot do it all

18:30 When you are worried about providing too much care and raising entitled kids

21:42 Personal work need to happen in order to grow a business

23:48 How to create your core values

29:47 Feedback – one of the biggest leadership failures 


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