6 Things We Love About Owning A Law Firm with Jim and Tyson
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Taking the leap into running your own law firm is scary. We know it! In today’s episode Jim and Tyson chat about the top six things they love about being a law firm owner and why they would never go back. 

If you are thinking of going off on your own and starting your own firm, or maybe you just need a pep talk to keep going the entrepreneur lawyer course — this episode is for you. It’s okay to be afraid of failing, but don’t let that stop you.

Listen in!


Episode Highlights:

1:55 – Number One: Autonomy & freedom! This is the top reason Jim and Tyson love being their own boss. To be able to leave the office at any time for any reason is the best part of owning a law firm. 

4:06 – Number Two:  Not having a boss! There is no one telling you what to do and we think this is a priceless reason to own a law firm. Add the joy back into your life by being your boss.

7:56 – Number Three: Knowing how much you make is directly tied to your work! This involves your ideas, your strategy, and how you implement them. NOT about working harder and faster. It’s a powerful mindset and energy that sets in after you get the first few clients, that it’s up to you to make happen.  

11:03 – Number Four: The creative and problem solving aspect of owning your own firm! You are the one that gets to spot issues (and have other people fix them) and this exercises a creative part of your brain and spirit. This freedom also comes with the caveat that you also get to make the decision to change your mind! 

13:56 – Number Five: We are building! Everyday that goes by we are building a business that we can watch shift and grow and evolve. 

16:53 – Number Six: Competing with yourself and always trying to up your game! You are always trying to improve all aspects of your law firm. Doing better than we did before, which is a huge motivation for continuing on. 



Jim’s Hack: Find yourself a good friend! It’s invaluable. 🎥 Watch the full video of Jim’s transformation and encouragement here.

Tyson’s Tip: Take the time to survey clients via a call or email. The data is invaluable. 

With these questions: 

  1. On average how do our clients feel about our communion. 
  2. On average, how do our clients feel about how we respond to their questions? 
  3. On average, how do our clients feel about the trustworthiness of the firm? 
  4. On average, how do our clients feel about the professionalism of the firm?


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