Doing 75 Hard w/ Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux 462
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Fresh off the Maximum Lawyer leadership team retreat, Jim and Tyson are excited to be moving in the right direction with clarity.

In this episode, Jim and Tyson discuss a major accomplishment achieved in the last couple of weeks.

Like many business owners taking on various challenges, Jim and Tyson have taken on the 75 Hard challenge, which combines fitness, nutrition, discipline, and a general self-improvement plan.

They each reflect on their own journey as Tyson has moved into an elevated version of phase 1, with Jim well on his way to knocking out this paramount achievement too.

With great insight, control, and determination, tune in to hear what they’ve both learned about this challenging experience.

2:03 remember our time is important too

6:48 at different times, some were harder than others

10:35 we’re no longer going to do that

14:01 my favorite part of the entire thing

17:30 eventually, there’s a tipping point

20:02 there are those breaks that are built-in

23:37 how deep you can go

Jim’s Hack: Building a different persona to send out from a personal email address will allow people to text me and have access to me so I can sort through and follow up on any leads coming in. 

Tyson’s Tip: Check out the book, Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the Power of Storytelling by Matthew Dicks.

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