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In today’s episode, Jim and Tyson chat with one another about the different things they’ve learned since starting the Maximum Lawyer podcast six years ago. If you’re curious about these many things, check out this week's episode. 

1:50  you can’t do everything

5:07 you have to know yourself

9:47 running a law firm is hard

13:14 you need to have something to clear your head, not law related

17:30 how far can I go

22:19 say no a lot more often

26:06 you think you know it all, but you really don’t

Jim’s Hack: Check out Lifetime Fitness if you’re ever in St. Louis, MO. It's enormous. Between massages, the office space, the cafe, and the salon, it’s an unbelievable experience!

Tyson’s Tip: Check out Wing Virtual Assistant. Wing has an easy-to-use app making it convenient to find an assistant.

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