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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Noemi Puntier-Vasquez, an immigration attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the 2018 Maximum Lawyer Conference Noemi has done a lot of improvements in the way she runs her law firm. We will go over this improvements and she will explain us how this changes have helped her grow her business.

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Lessons learned starting her own firm:

“When you don’t have the experience and you are looking to get a mentor or someone you are going to hold hands with, you need to do your homework because you’re holding hands with someone else’s reputation that could damage you or move you forward.”


The change that’s made the biggest impact in her firm:

Systems, strategies and mindset… To be more of a business owner and less of an attorney: “I also changed the way I practiced. I am no longer the lawyer that’s going to court and trying cases, I’ve actually sat down a little bit and now I am a business owner. So I have the time now to cater to that relationship, and bring in the business, meat with the clients, and not be so overwhelmed.”


Her team’s response to this changes:

“I came back with tools and a plan… I think they started to respect that vision. They see now someone who is in charge, someone that’s holding herself accountable.”


The Biggest Struggle

Noemi’s biggest struggle is her work schedule; prioritizing.


Jim’s hack: A new Mike Michalowicz book, Clockwork; devoted to building systems.   


Noemi’s hack: An app where you can get unlimited audiobooks for $8,99. Scribd


Tyson’s tip: Set your goal for this last 12 weeks, hit it, and then finish the year strong and start the next one stronger.




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