Episode 42: ICON 17. Everything You Need to Know.
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will go through lessons learned and things they liked about this year’s ICON: Infusionsoft User Conference!

Listen on Google Play Music ICON gathers amazing, brilliant minds in the biggest mastermind you’ve ever seen. ICON is for the hungry – the relentless, tenacious go-getters with a reckless belief in what’s possible, what’s just around the corner. – See more at:
ICON 18:

Tyson’s highlight:
Marcus Lemonis is a successful entrepreneur and star of CNBC’s The Profit and The Partner. – See more at:

“Stay focused, work hard, know your numbers, and be disciplined. If you do those things and take care of your people, the likelihood of being successful is very, very high.”
—Marcus Lemonis

Hal Halladay
Culture is the Game Changer

Taking your business to the next level is possible when you get your people strategy right and build a winning culture. Learn how to make culture your strategy and multiply your business. From identifying and communicating a meaningful purpose for your business to hiring and motivating the right people, you can confidently grow your business through culture. – See more at:

Jim’s highlight:
James Ashford
How This UK Accountancy Firm Has Used Infusionsoft To Automate EVERYTHING – See more at:
Greg Jenkins
The Nature of Nurture: Increasing Conversions for Free – See more at:
Customers buy when they’re ready to buy. And if someone opts in to your list and isn’t ready to whip out their credit card, something has to bridge that gap. The answer is Nurture. Nurture is the process of building relationships. It’s about establishing yourself as an expert, developing rapport, and most importantly, delivering value. In this session you’ll discover all the places nurture fits into your funnel, the most common misconceptions about lead nurture, and the proven best practices for designing your own nurture process. – See more at:

VENDORS Tyson has signed up to. Automate Your Appointment Setting Process for Your Infusionsoft & Google Calendar The soTellUs app lets you take your phone or tablet into the field with you to get customer reviews on the spot. You’re able to say to your customer, “Love our service? So tell us…”

Tyson’s tip: An app.
It helps you keep your mail inbox organized and clean.

Hacking’s hack: To read 2 books at the same time! Take 2 books about business and read one chapter at a time, alternating chapters. The idea is to find connections over the 2 books and to pull out new ideas from them.

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