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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Ryan McKeen, a big supporter of the show and a very successful lawyer out of Connecticut. In the past, Ryan and a partner opened their own firm but it didn't last long. Ryan learnt from this experience and he actually runs a very successful law firm. They will go over his mistakes in the past and his success in the present paying special attention to Ryan’s vision, technology and efficiency standards.

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The firm: http://cttrialfirm.com/

The biggest problems of the firm that didn’t work out:
1. Under capitalization: “When the money becomes really tight it can create a high level of stress”
2. No real defined purpose. No real defined reason for existing: “That only gets you so far”

“In order to exist we need to be super efficient. And so there has been a perpetual focus over the years on adapting technology that we believed was best even if it meant it was more expensive at that time. A side from the team we have assembled now, that is the number one driver of our growth. Without our systems and our technology we would be run over by our caseload.”

The best piece of advice:
Really focus on the vision component of your firm.
“What exactly does this look like now, what is it going to look like a quarter from now, a year from now, etc. Once you can set those goals; focus on your vision, your marketing falls into place, your team falls into place, and you have alignment, and you are all rowing in the same direction.”

Ryan’s best hiring advice:
“Having somebody who is culturally inclined to do the work and has the technical skills necessary, that’s where you gonna get your home runs.”

Ryan’s blog:

Ryan’s biggest struggle:
Himself. He sometimes hyper focuses on his business in a way his not present with his family sometimes… He has gained almost 50 pounds, his diet has suffered, his sleep has suffered. He should set up boundaries and focus on his health and family.

Hacking’s hack:
1. Use software to print checks!
2. Take the Kolbe Index. http://www.kolbe.com/. Which is an assessment of your cognitive functions and how you make decisions and sort of where your strengths are. Use it to improve your staff.

Ryan’s tip:
Drink water! Keep healthy!

Tyson’s tip:
A book. Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth, by Gabriel Weinberg.

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