Going Out On Your Own After Practicing In Firm Settings For Over 32 Years ft. Patrick J. Higgins ML125


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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Patrick J. Higgins, a Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury and a Litigator Lawyer out of New York who has recently opened his own law firm; The Law Offices of Patrick J. Higgins, PLLC. Listen as they go over this big step after practicing for over 32 years; his mindset, strategy, marketing, challenges and surprises on the way!

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  • About Patrick:
    • Opened his firm in May of 2018
    • Plaintiff Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice lawyer for about 33 years
    • No volume business; 15 or 20 cases
    • A funny story with our friend John Fisher
  • Patrick witnessed John Fisher going out on his own
    • “He was ahead of the curb and he was bringing in a lot of cases”
  • What changed in 2018 and made Patrick go out on his own
    • “I want to do what I want to do and I have the ability to go out on my own”
  • Improvements for his website: http://phigginslaw.com/
  • How do he gets his cases:
    • Personal relationships
    • Referral attorneys
    • Referral based marketing
  • Content creation
    • Repurposed BAR content
    • Classic and simple questions
  • Challenging thing since starting his firm
    • Recognize what he needs to develop as a skill set
    • Work on vision and on strategic goals
    • Books and podcasts
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins: “The Flywheel Concept”
  • Patrick’s Vision
    • Make X amount of money
    • Serve 15 to 20 clients
    • 3 Legal Services a year
    • Fully automated, top notch website
    • The best manage firm
    • Be in control
  • Out on your own with no one to bounce things off of
    • Meetings with people who run their practices
  • Advice to himself
    • Developing the client base much earlier
    • Understand what clients understand
    • Chart an independant course
  • Surprises going out on his own
    • Less time for legal work
    • 50% of the time working on the business
  • One of the most accelerating things about running your own firm is just all the new things you do get to do and learn. GROWTH.


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Jim’s hack: When you are working on a brief or any kind of pleading or anything important, right before you are done editing it, when you think you’ve edit it  as much as you can, change the font to a different font and make it bigger. When you read the text again you see things differently.


Patrick’s hack: A client communication tip. When you explain something to a new client, ask them to relate back to you what you just told them.


Tyson’s tip: Speak to your accountant and reduce your tax bill for next year.




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