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Gary’s lightbulb moment was when he was working as a personal injury attorney. He quickly realized that smarts didn’t matter as much as how one chooses to run their business.

From there, his knowledge and expertise in the intake arena took off, and he began consulting with law firms. 

Gary is now the proud founder of Intake Conversion Experts, LLC, Principal Consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting Inc., Managing Partner at The Falkowitz Law Firm PLLC, and as his kids would attest to, “The Loudest Guy In The Room”.

He authored the book, The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake, which is a great read for all personal injury law firms spending money to generate leads. Gary has also started a coaching program called The Intake Playbook.

In this conversation, Gary shares his story, the truth he teaches to help law firms fix their intake, as well as doing everything you can to sign as many potentially good clients as possible.

2:23 the lightbulb went off 

6:48 teaching law firms how to run a business

11:41 that is fantastic

14:17 how much money they’re wasting  

19:15 this is 100% sales

26:23 make them subject matter experts 

30:35 trying to provoke thought

Jim’s Hack: Check out the book Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption by Geoffrey Moore. Established firms and companies need to play offense and defense and maintain their current position while innovating. If you stand still, you’ll get run over!

Gary’s Tip: Take five minutes and call your law firm during off hours to see what the experience is like. Make up a name and use a different phone number.

Tyson’s Tip: Every week pick one thing from your calendar to be removed or delegated. This will help you get to the work you were meant to do.

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