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Introducing MaxLawCon 2021 speaker Gary Falkowitz!

Gary Falkowitz advises law firms, attorneys and legal organizations on the importance of creating, utilizing, managing and maximizing the intake process. He has worked with managing partners, associates, paralegals and all other support staff to assist law firms in improving their intake process and, importantly, increasing their conversion percentages.

Through his years of experience, Gary has realized that accountability, implementing strong internal procedures and responsiveness are three of the most important factors to ensure a successful and efficient intake process. It doesn’t hurt that his passion for the subject matter is unrivaled. In short, Gary believes that the key to maximizing a law firm’s revenue is strongly dependent upon the ability to appropriately prioritize and adequately scrutinize the intake process.

Gary is also the author of the book,  “The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake: Powerful Strategies To Maximize Retention and Increase Revenue”.

Join us in St. Charles, MO at the Ameristar Casino, Resort, and Spa to hear his presentation: Stop Underestimating The Value of Intake

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Transcript: MaxLawCon 2021 Speaker Gary Falkowitz

Speaker 1
Run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum lawyer podcast, podcast, your hosts, Jim hacking and Tyson metrics. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm. Welcome to the show.

Tyson Mutrux
Welcome back to the maximum dollar podcast. This one’s gonna be a rapid fire one. Right now I’ve got Gary Falco, it’s on you can’t see him if you’re in the Facebook group because of some camera issues. But Gary, how’s it going? But it’s going great pacing, hey, you’re doing great. It’s great that we’re doing a rapid fire with you because I know you can talk fast, because I’ve heard a lot. So we’re talking about Max law con 2021. And your topic is stop under estimating the value of intake. Why is this your topic? Well, you

Gary Falkowitz
guys knew me well enough to know that I have been focusing my career on intake for the past decade or so it’s my topic, because law firms need to understand that you cannot have a thriving practice without ensuring that you’re maximizing the return on any marketing you’re doing out there. And I think what’s happening is they might be successful, but they’re not maximizing their profits. I can tell you that.

Tyson Mutrux
Yeah, I will tell you, I need to send you a check. Because I listen to the podcast and do it you and Jim did. And we are setting up a lot more cases, tweaking things with how we’re doing things. And I honestly it woke me up listening to because I thought we were good. I really did. I thought we were good. And then I listened to your episodes. And I was like, Holy crap. So thank you very much for that. So I guess briefly tell people how you got it, you got a separate company from the firm and everything. So tell people, the Cliff Notes version of your experience?

Gary Falkowitz
Well, my experience is that law firms are, what they’re doing is they’re not being efficient, and they’re not being aggressive. And those two factors by themselves are going to lead you down a path where you’re going to limit how many cases you’re going to sign your limit how many people you’re going to make happy, and obviously going to limit how much revenue you’re bringing into the firm. We have to understand something here, Tyson. But when a claimant reaches out to your law firm, whether it’s a personal injury law firm and immigration law firm, or family law firm, they have options in every day, the number of options they have will increase. So if they reach out, you got to assume that you have one bite at the apple. And if your processes aren’t in place to capitalize on that bite, then you’re leaving some money on the table.

Tyson Mutrux
No question. All right. Last question. How do people get in touch with you if they want to reach out to you but intake and what are you excited about when it comes to the conference?

Gary Falkowitz
Yeah, I’m excited to see everybody again. It’s been a crazy year for all of us. I hope everyone and their families are as healthy as can be. I think it’s going to be your conference. You don’t need me to tell you this. It has grown tremendously, both in number and reputation over the last couple of years. So I’m excited to be there and and make some new friends and see how I can help. If anybody ever wants to reach out to me, I’m gonna give you my cell phone. It’s 917-226-4833 Or you reach out to me via email Gary at Max I’m excited to help people do a better job at intake guys.

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