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When you have an integrator implementing functional leadership over all your core areas, how much more functional could your law firm be?

In this episode, Gabriel Stiritz shares how his law firm specializes in and helps people under the Fair Labor Standards Act to get people paid what they are owed.

He has a unique journey that spans from art to nonprofit, and into law.

Gabriel Stiritz is a results-focused operational leader. He is passionate about automation and creating strong systems that allow teams to flourish. He is definitely making an impact representing clients in all 50 states under the FLSA and currently working on a referral management platform that helps to automate and expand referral relationships between law firms. 

As the integrator of the firm, he takes the vision and translates it into a reality that works. With great insight, Gabriel understands the importance of having the right people on the bus, so your life doesn’t suck.

2:09 Fair Labor Standards Act
6:25 a bold prediction
10:27 five direct reports
14:40 you’re just hurting yourself
18:19 every Friday we look at our scoreboard
23:11 don’t try to do everything at once 

Jim’s Hack: Take a look at William Eadie’s masterclass on how to write a success story for your client.

Gabriel’s Tip: If you like automation, check out MailParser. Use it for all your leads to save time on manual data entry.

Tyson’s Tip: For Apple users only, go to general settings, and then accessibility. You can set up your phone to where tapping the Apple symbol on the back of your phone allows you to access different things quickly.

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