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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Strategies, a wealth management practice serving families in the Carolinas. Listen as they go over Chip’s business and discuss about the similarities of both industries.

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    • Financial Advisors at the end of a trial
    • Chip’s Background as a Financial Advisor
      • Elementary school teacher
      • Lost family farm to the death tax
      • Opened a firm with 2 partners
    • Regulations in financial advisement marketing
      • Understanding what the rules are and what the regulators are trying to protect people from
      • Community marketing
      • Into the digital space
      • Content creation
    • How to stand out being a financial advisor


  • They key is you have to create a unique value proposition


      • Make complex things simple
      • Cultivating the reputation of problem solver
      • Service
    • Strategic Coaching
      • Taking time off work
      • Setting up some boundaries
      • A very good investment


  • The growth mindset


    • Expand their practice and leave a legacy
    • Build a bridge between experienced advisors and young advisors
    • Systems
  • End of year objective
    • Taking a breather
    • Complete the digital funnel
  • How to run a financial advisement firm?
    • Coaching
    • Financial VS Planning
    • The abundance mindset


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Chip’s tip: Do a quick brainstorming call with Chip at

Rocketbook, a rewritable notebook that you can use that allows you to scan documents directly into a folder of your choice.


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