Episode 9: The Before Unit
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In this episode Jim and Tyson talk about how they get people to raise their hands and let us know that they’re interested in our legal services.

  • The before unit: before you get the client.
  • The during unit: your representation of the client.
  • The after unit: after you handled the case.

There are lots of people walking around who may need your services. Your job is to identify those people and find where they gather.

Niche down (we already talked about this in a previous episode). Narrow down the niche. Pick the target.

Clients need their problem solved. So if you advertise with a lot of practices, the ones that the client don’t need will act as noise and will distract. Your message needs to be clear. From a practical standpoint, if you do the things you can do and are good at, your clients will be happy and will go out and tell other people about you.  Create an effective add, a compelling offer.

Hacking’s Hack: New podcast: “More Cheese, Less Whiskers”:

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