Episode 81 ft. Nicole Abboud: Video Marketing and Podcasting


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Nicole Abboud; a business owner, Millennial speaker, adjunct college professor, attorney, and podcaster. Nicole combines her understanding of the legal profession (she practiced law for 5 years) with her knowledge of content marketing to help lawyers build their brands and practices. They will go over her career as a podcaster and her business and mission.

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About our guest:
The site:

The podcasts:
Each week, host – Karima Gulick – speaks with attorneys who dare to live their lives on their own terms and who are building fulfilling careers. Guest from all walks of life (and the legal profession) share their courageous stories, offer their tactical advice, and provide just the right amount of motivation to help you accomplish your goals.
Her podcast:

Leadership Development
“Everything that you do as a lawyer, if you are running your own practice, whether you work within a law firm, the best thing you can do for yourself to set yourself up to success is to invest in leadership development”

Hacking’s Hack:
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Nicole’s Tip:
Take this week to listen on social media. Pick a hashtag that relates to your practice area, to your business - anything you wanna find more information about - and just follow it. Follow the conversations that are following around it, and eventually join in on those conversations if it is appropriate. You will find out that you will end up meeting a lot of new people, you will make new connections, you will gain greater insight and ultimately start talking about yourself.

Tyson’s Tip:
On the first episode of the year, I encouraged people to send out 10 thank you notes to people that have helped them on 2017. Now I want to encourage you to set lunch with 5 people you have not talked to in a while. Get back in front of them. Keep that engagement up.

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