Episode 79 ft. Chris Hargreaves: Social Media and Content Marketing


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Australian attorney Chris Hargreaves. This episode is all about social media and content marketing for lawyers; running and starting their own firms, going solo or planning on it. Solid gold.

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Chris is a senior litigation lawyer in Brisbane, Australia, he works as a special counsel for a firm, does internet marketing consulting for law firms and solo practitioners and does a ton of writing; blogs and books.

Chris’s sites:

“Learn the skills, strategies and mindset you need to thrive in law over the long term, and build a great career on solid foundations”

Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

“You don’t need to find the “next big thing” in order to build your firm’s digital marketing efforts.
You just need to pick a battle-tested, professional strategy that you can deliver on.
And then deliver on it. Day in, day out.”

Daily writing:

Hacking’s Hack: A tremendous podcast episode about analytics and creating more content based on your analytics.

Chris’s Hack: Take an hour or two and get real data about what you are really doing. Ho far articles are people reading? Analyse clicks and page time. Have a real look at the data and figure out what is actually working.

Tyson’s Tip: An app, iREC. You can use it to record calls!

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