Episode 78 ft. Jason Korner: Building a Criminal Defense Practice From Clients Perspective


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview attorney Jason Korner, a criminal defense expert. They will go over his career, his transition from government work to private practice and then going solo and building his firm, his mindset, his client base, marketing, struggles and lessons learnt along the way.

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The firm:

We can talk all day long about legal reputation and skills at trial, but if somebody hears that you are a good lawyer and that your firm is a good firm and they call and that first phone call doesn’t goes well, they are not gonna hire you. (..) Earning their trust and getting them to hire you, starts with the first call.

Anybody who works with clients must know the importance of put yourself where the client is! So there are times when I go around to the other side of my desk and sit down in the clients chairs… What do they se? What do they look at? It can change your perception. What’s their experience like?

Hacking’s Hack: A person to follow on Twitter: Madelyn Sklar: @madelynsklar https://twitter.com/madalynsklar
She is a Twitter guru!

Jason’s Hack: A book. McElhaney's Trial Notebook 4th Edition
by James W. McElhaney (Author)
It really does a great job of looking at things from a juror’s perspective, a judge’s perspective, clients perspective and bringing attorneys back to what really matters, but doing it through the trial window which is really such an important thing to most attorneys.

Tyson’s Tip: An app. It is called RecordIT! http://recordit.co/
Record your screen! You can use it to show someone how to use something!

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