Episode 56: Speak to Your Base in a Language They Can Understand
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will talk about the importance of using plain language; everyday words and keeping it simple so your target understands you better. They will go over a list of 8 tips to help you do it and not sounding like a lawyer.

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The List:
1. Not using tactical language.
2. Take notes in client meetings of things that you hear from them.
3. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about how they view things.
4. Read over the chat and emails that you get.
5. Show more of your personal life so you can relate better with your clients.
6. If you are struggling with content have somebody in your office read it over.
7. Speak about your journey as a lawyer and write a BIO.
8. Read what you write out loud.

Hacking’s hack: It allows you to put in search terms or things that you think your clients may be searching about and shows you the questions people are asking.

Tyson’s tip: Free Tools for creating professional intros, animations, slideshows and music visualizations in minutes.

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