Episode 44 ft. Thom Singer: Law is a Business


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Thom Singer, a sales and marketing expert and a professional speaker. They will discuss marketing tactics for attorneys running their own law firms and how being a great speaker can improve your business. Trial lawyers! This episode is for you!

Thom begun his career working in a financial printing firm; selling to big lawyers and big corporate law firms. One of these firms brought him in to become their marketing person, so he got to know the law business really well. 4 years later, Thom became a solopreneur, making people shift how they think about their marketing.

Listen to Thom’s podcast! Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer: http://thomsinger.com/podcast/

“The practice of law, is a business…”

Three letters that will really help you excel when it comes to selling: L. A. W.

L is for Lawyers: So much of the business comes from referrals from other lawyers…

A is for Analytics: We live in a world that is data driven. Where are your leads coming from?...

W is for Wisdom: Knowledge. Experience. Understanding. Common sense. Insight.

“Don’t go to a networking event thinking I wonder if I can get a lead, go to a networking event saying I wonder who I can give a lead to that will lead to real business…”

Thom’s Tip: Go old school. Send a handwritten note. Every week. It will improve your relations and you will grow your reputation.

Hacking’s hack: A Thom’s podcast episode. https://thomsinger.com

Tyson’s tip: If you use WordPress… Visual Composer. Easy to use. Great results.

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