Episode 4: Managing Growing Pains
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As your firm gets larger…

In this episode Tyson and Jim discuss about the perks of managing a growing firm.

As you hire more people, there are more people that are dependant of you. Sometimes this consumes your time and your energy. Don’t become a bottleneck in your firm.

Keep track of what it is that needs to get done. Make a list and then figure out who’s the best to do it. This will give you more space and time to you to make the things YOU need to do.

KPI: Key Performance Indicators: Things that you can identify, you can look at, that give an idea of what the direction of your firm is. For example: new clients, new leads. If you have your KPI’s in place you can correctly determine whether to hire or not a new employee or which decisions should be made. Put plans in place and follow through.

Hiring employees is difficult and expensive. Not financially but everything else> the time assisting, developing and growing them.

Sometimes, hiring a non experienced employee is better. They don’t have preconceived notions coming to the office and you can train them the way you need.

Hacking’s Hack:
Zig Ziglar’s podcast.

Automobile University. You can learn and listen in your car as you commute or travel.
Get the most out of everything. Maximize.

Tyson’s Tip:
The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea (Bob Burg, John David Mann, Penguin UK, 25 feb. 2010).

You give more to referral partners, to your clients, you give and you receive. A simple book, it breaks things down for you with 5 principles.

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