Episode 37: Saying No and Letting Go


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“In order for us to be able to move forward as a firm, as a lawyer, as a person there are things in our lives that should be forgotten or abandoned. If we are not completely all in, the we should say no.”

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A game changing episode. Jim and Tyson will go over a list of 10 things you should not do or stop doing that will help you relieve some stress and get more work done. Efficiency.

1. Unnecessary meetings. “Meetings can really be a time suck.”
2. Networking that goes nowhere. Some are just a waste of time.
3. Too many practice areas. Nitch down, be a specialist.
4. Outdated firm systems. Keep your systems updated!
5. Unscheduled phone calls. Don’t answer your own phone!
6. Volunteering or serving on boards. “If you are gonna commit to it, commit to it”
7. E-mail. Do you hate emails too? Get in your e-mail and get it done. At once.
8. Low level and busy work. Remember; eliminate, automate, delegate.
9. Book keeping. Listen to this episode. https://maximumlawyer.com/podcast/episode-16-accounting/
10. Negative people. Keep away from them. Seriously. Be around people who motivate you and energize you.

Tyson’s auto responder:

We respond to emails as quickly as we can, but just so you know, emails received after 3pm Central time Monday-Friday or on weekends/holidays, or emails that need an in-depth look on our part, might not receive a response until the following business day or later in the week.

If you need an immediate response, feel free to call 888-550-4026 or email legal assistants Angi Haus ([email protected]) or Kelsey Ortmann ([email protected]). They are
both happy to answer your questions.

- Tyson Mutrux

P.S. Have general legal questions? Try searching our YouTube page!

Hacking’s Hack: A great book. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, by Steven Pressfield.

Tyson’s Tip: Turn off your unnecessary phone notifications that suck your time!

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