Easy Publicity ML035
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How can you get good publicity relatively easy and cheap to help your business.

In this episode, Jim and Tyson will go through a list of 6 strategies to get good and relatively easy and cheap publicity.

1. Reach out to reporters and develop a relationship before you need a story put out there.
2. Support a cause. REALLY support it.
3. Write a book.
4. Start a podcast!
5. Issue press releases.
6. Do a CLE!
And there’s a BONUS!

KEEP HUSTLING. Keep doing things, keep meeting people, keep marketing, keep networking; KEEP DOING!

Hacking’s Hack: A podcast. Perpetual Traffic. Mostly devoted to social media strategies and advertising. Check it out:

Tyson’s Tip: An app. Lucidchart. Diagram things very easily. Easy to use.

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