From Client’s Perspective ML034
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will talk about client’s perspective. What clients see and hear about your firm and how they perceive it is essential to build a successful law business.

We, as attorneys and business owners, could benefit from spending a little bit of time brainstorming on how to make the whole experience of working with us memorable in a good way. Exceed expectations and benefit from it. Get referrals from satisfied clients.

Hacking’s Hack: This Blog. Fantastic.

Tyson’s Tip: Simple. Sit down and break you practice into stages or phases from start to finish. Everything can be broken down into stages. Write it out, from point A to Point B, map it out. This is gonna show you deficiencies in your practice.

BONUS: Don’t get too fancy with your blogs. Just put something out there. Something simple.

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