Episode 27: Failing to Follow Up = Lost Business
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“The more you build that connection between you and your client when they ARE your client, that’s gonna help you on the long run”

In this episode Jim and Tyson will discuss the importance of following up on clients. Simple tasks that will help you grow your business.


Have a system in place where you can follow up with your clients. Current and prior ones. Educate them to know all your practice areas, and as we always say, be the “hub”, be the one who refers and advises clients.

Stay in front of your clients. Market yourself. Don’t let the client forget you!


Hacking’s Hack: A legal keyboard! Check it out! Specially designed for lawyers!

Found it in:

Tyson’s Tip: A cool book to read: Sapiens: “A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari.

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