Episode 24 ft. Seth Price: Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing
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“How to make the phone ring and convert that phone call into a client.”

In this episode, Jim, Tyson and Seth Price go through digital marketing, intake, handling cases and -as usual-, maximizing and growing your firm.

(In a few words) Seth started his law practice focusing only in Criminal Defense. With an effective digital marketing plan in place and excellent legal work, his practice soon turned out a success; this gave him the possibility to expand his practice to other areas, hiring excellent law talent and applying the right digital marketing strategies his firm continue to offer high quality law services.

In the first part of this excellent episode, Seth will tell us about his practice and some intake pearls which are definitely worth knowing.

“When you as a lawyer get busier, you can and should raise your rates. Supply and demand.”

“When you are dealing with digital search and people who have never heard from you are finding you, it’s imperative to have a rapid response.”

“If you miss a call and you have caller ID, you can get back immediately and don’t lose that lead.”

In the second part of the episode; Seth walk us through SEO, Adwords and digital marketing nowadays.

4 main points which will move the Google needle:

Content: quality content
Links: quality links
Optimized website: a well structured website
Local: combination of the organic positioning and listings in Google My Business.

Listen to the episode and learn a lot more of this!

“If you cover many practice areas: a single website for each one of them is what Google is pushing you to right now…”

Seth’s Tip: 99 Designs.

A great way to start. Design websites, cards, letterhead. It’s really fun and easy. Check it out!

Tyson’s Tip: A book. Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini Ph.D. Simon & Schuster (September 6, 2016)
“Getting someone to make their decision before you even ask them the question.”

Hacking’s Hack. Facebook Groups.
Interact with people with common interests. Clients. Stay in touch.

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