Episode 22 ft. Lee Rosen: Rules for Passing on a Marketing Tactic


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Nowadays, Marketing can be found in so many forms and be applied in so many ways that it is really important to have some criteria and pick the things and strategies that really make sense from a marketing standpoint.

In this episode, Jim, Tyson and Lee Rosen go through a list of marketing rules and tactics you should avoid when running your own law firm.

1. Sometimes you are already doing enough and the thing that you are doing have a lot of potential to grow. You need to go deeper, not broader. Stick to what you are good at and what’s working
You are already doing plenty, just keep going with that, don’t add something new to the mix.

2. You ought to pass on a marketing tactic if you don’t understand it.
Do not put money on the line for things you don’t understand.

3. Feel it in your guts. If you feel a tactic it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. DON’T DO IT.
You ought to be excited and energized about any marketing idea you are considering.

4. Don’t do the marketing tactic because somebody else is doing it.
Pick your own tactic, the one that works for you.

5. Don’t do things that don’t work.
If you are being pitched on a tactic and there is no evidence that it works, don’t believe it works just because this company is still pitching it to you. Get references, real life lawyers. Don’t buy it unless the vendor can prove to you that it actually works.

6. You don’t trust the vendor: STAY AWAY.
Trust your instincts.

7. Commitment. There is no reason in the world we live in today, to sign a 1, 2 or 3 year deal.
The things that today work best for us, involve no commitment.

8. Ethics. Beware of unethical tactics.

9. Expensive tactic. Today, we can market our practices on a small budget.
There are incredible possibilities!

Hacking’s Hack: An app: Google Keep. https://www.google.com/keep/
Screenshots, tasks, notes, you name it.

Tyson’s Tip:
iPhone app: Chartistic. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/charting-app-chartistic/id1127272574?mt=8
It allows you to easily create charts from your phone.

Lee’s Tip: An A.I. (artificial inteligence) personal assistant: https://x.ai/
It provides you with an artificially intelligent bot that helps you with scheduling meetings!

Another A.I. personal assistant but for travelling: https://pana.com/

A gift from Lee! https://divorcediscourse.com/ri/get-rosens-rules/

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