Episode 12: Before Unit vs During Unit
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Can you ever have too many clients?

The tactician and the entrepreneur. The two sides of the business. One gets the clients, and the other works on the clients. In other words, both faces depend on each other. You should never focus on only one of them. Bring in the clients you want and need, but make sure to be able to work on them. If you can’t be efficient with the clients you already have then you have a problem. It’s time to grow.

Organize yourself. Eliminate, automate, and delegate. Maximize your time.

When you are building and starting out you are less busy. It’s a good idea to use the time you have to build the systems to keep track of your clients and provide them a good service, so when the time comes you are already systematized.

Tyson’s Tip: Infusionsoft. Sales and marketing automation software built exclusively for small business success.

Hacking’s Hack:

Learn the ins and outs of Infusionsoft:

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