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In today’s episode, Jim and Tyson chat with Dustin Saiidi! They dive into the journey of the Legal Ninja system. If you’re interested in learning more about delegation, systems, and automating those repetitive data entry tasks, check out this week’s episode.

Dustin Saiidi has been a licensed attorney since 2010. He runs a thriving work comp practice based out of Los Angeles. He found his staff getting burnt out from doing lots of repetitive, labor-intensive tasks so he created a legal tech company called Legal Ninja, which helps law firms replace manual data entry with automation and more than triple their efficiency.

3:08 sponsor of MaxLawCon 2022

6:58 Legal Ninja

10:14 one of the problems we have with delegating

14:03 trying to micromanage

18:16 automatically prepopulate 

22:13 tech company

Jim’s Hack: Be more like Apple, less like Microsoft. Remove the complexity and keep things simple.

Dustin’s Tip: Check out The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller. Ask yourself, What is the one thing I could be doing such that by doing it, I will 

fill in the blank?

Tyson’s Tip: Check out the app HiHello for digital business cards. They offer a free version and it’s easy to use.

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