Slowly Travel The World While Running A Law Firm With Don McClure
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Do you have a deep desire to travel the world? See different places? Most importantly, meet all the different people? For some people traveling the world is on their bucket list of what they will be doing when they retire.


Today’s podcast episode guest Don McClure took a different approach and sold his house, his cars, packed up his family and now slowly travels the world. All while running his own law firm. 

To hear:

➡️ Why he made this switch

➡️ What made him finally take a step towards this dream 

➡️ What his family all sold to get out of the US 

➡️ Where he is living now 

➡️ How is it physically possible to run a law firm that is stationed in a different time zone than you … Then listen in. 🎧


Episode Highlights:

1:05 Meet Don

5:31 When off on an adventure, what do you do with your house? And the office? And your cars? 

6:49 The decision making process: from law office to living aboard 

9:20 How clients are reacting to the BIG move – how do you tell them? 

11:34 Marketing your law firm while on a “World Tour” 

13:31 How do you deal with the finances and banking? 

14:48 Things that surprised Don from living a laptop lifestyle 

16:12 Favorite moments on the World Tour trip so far? 

17:30 What are some steps that people can do to get ready for a World Trip with the family. 

18:43 Challenges when traveling and practicing law

20:13 Was there any time that you wished you were in the States? And do you wish to move out of the States permanently? 

22:52 Coordinating with a team when you are in different time zones? 


Jim’s Hack: A Quote from Guy Kawasaki from Tim Ferris’s book, Tools of Titans:

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you are the asshole.” 

Don’s Tip: Listen to James Schramko and his one gem strategy where he talks about “Owning the Racetrack”. And with your business this means NOT building a platform on Facebook only, but what are the things you can control? Marketing to my past clients, my present clients, and even my future clients. Those are things that I can control:

Tyson’s Tip: Use — to turn any camera device into a streaming device. It allows Tyson to connect his LUMIX camera to my computer with an HDMI cable and stream from his camera. Order, download and go for an easy tech double duty solution. 


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