“Disruption and Divorce” w/Erin Levine 175
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In today’s episode, we join Erin Levine, a family law specialist located in Oakland CA. With Hello Divorce, she guides users through divorce with DIY and DIFY options as well as access to fixed-fee, on-demand lawyers through her firm Levine Family Law Group.

We’ll discuss how Levine is using technology and a more efficient “DIY” model to not only save her time, dealing with regulation while running a legal tech company and law firm simultaneously, and improving your twitter reach.

Hacking’s Hack:

We’ve been working with Anneke Godlewski to make a physical newsletter and our firm and its been absolutely painless. You can reach out to her in the Maximum Lawyer FB group or at

Tyson’s Tip:

Renegotiate your bills and fees with your vendors. I saved $1500 for the year just this morning.

Erin’s Expertise:

If you have any financial information that you need to get to an outride vendor or family member, use which allows you to temporarily share password information.

Erin Levine

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