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Our guest today is Deanna Johnson. She's a new guild member here at Maximum Lawyer. She has been practicing law for five years. She started out doing community property litigation with a small firm of two guys who were experts in this area. After leaving this she went on to experience insurance defense and more. 


While this built her expertise and confidence as a lawyer for other companies — she always knew she wanted to go out on her own, and start her own practice.


She thought it would take a long time to start but after finding the Maximum Lawyer Podcast and the Guild her plans have changed! She shifted gears and planned for all the things she needed to figure out before she quit her job before she went out on her own. Which she did!


Join us in this conversation where she shares about starting your own business, quickly and successfully!


Episode Highlights:

03:25 The actual moment that it clicked … 

04:29 First week on the job and where 90% of the work comes from

05:53 Some mindset shifts, before going out on your own

06:59 Exceptions vs. reality when going out on your own

08:30 How did you pick your practice area? 

11:40 What does your day look like? 

15:15 Your first hire?

17:46 Ideas for getting that revenue up

19:15 Niching down your firm's practice

21:26 Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently? 


Jim’s Hack: read the book called What's In It for Them? to get into author Joe Polish (co-host of the I Love Marketing Podcast) mindset of how important connections with other people are. 

Deanna Tip: Build connections by defining your target audience, then go do something you enjoy and have natural conversation with people. 

Tyson’s Tip: Use this easy editing app called InShot for assistance with editing your TikToks 


🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube.


Connect with Deanna:


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