Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time


– Having a pool of qualified clients to choose from instead of chasing poor leads
– A plan to creating content with direction
– An endless supply of referrals and potential new clients reaching out to you
– Knowing exactly how to immediately close clients, bypassing the “I have to think about it” stage
– Paying only for what you use and nothing more
– Doing only the things that only you can do

When you chose the career of legal entrepreneur, you wanted the privilege of making an impact for your clients – but up until now, you haven’t been able to find enough profitability in your business or balance in your life.

It’s not your fault.

The traditional model of being a lawyer is a referral-based business, meaning you must lean heavily on your personal network to get your first, few jobs. Then you must work with dozens of clients – which could take years – so you can ask them to give you a referral to friends and family.

But what if you don’t want to wait years to grow your business?

And what if you need income now?

You may feel like you’ve already tried everything you can think of but…

– The referrals have dried up
– The inquiries that do come in are either tire-kickers or they can’t afford service
– Your savings is dwindling or – let’s be real – you’re staring down another month where you barely cover expenses
– Your spouse might even be threatening to make you get a J-O-B

We get it. We’ve been through many growing pains as we started and scaled our own law firms.

And that’s why we created a program and community to help other legal entrepreneurs start and scale their law firms…

– Without the roller coaster of having money to not having money (and repeat)
– Without being reactive
– Without sacrificing time at home with your family
– Without mindlessly posting content to social media for few people to see
– Without feeling like you have to do all the things yourself

Introducing Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time!

The 4 Stage System and community for lawyers and legal entrepreneurs like you to start your firm and grow it to your biggest vision.

Whether you want to be solely the CEO or still practice and hire out a team or rockstars. 

Full of easy-to-follow stages, Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time will give you a newfound excitement for your businesses potential and the confidence and clarity to bring your vision to fruition.

Say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things (so you stop wasting your time).

Feel confident in your abilities to fulfill your promises to clients (you’re the expert).

No longer rely solely on your energy and effort to get things done.

Unlike other programs that don’t look at the entire picture of running a law firm and how it ultimately affects both your personal and professional life, Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time walks you through the exact steps that we used to grow our own profitable and successful law firms built around our personal visions.

Applying what you learn from Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time means you will have:

  • – Better systems
  • – More Clients
  • – More Money
  • – More Time

Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time will reduce the overwhelm of deciding what to do to really move the needle, the frustration of going another month without coming close to your income goals, and the worry of failure. 

It will jumpstart your decisions and help you build scalable systems.

What’s inside Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time?

  • – Practical modules for every stage of a practice
  • – Downloadable worksheets
  • – 24/7 access to the private Guild Facebook community

You’re ready for Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time if you are:

  • – Willing to show up in your online marketing
  • – Committed to taking guided action
  • – Open to NOT doing it all yourself
  • – Willing to document and replicate
  • – Excited to start or scale your law firm
  • – Passionate about making a positive impact in your clients lives

You’re NOT ready for Maximum Lawyer in Minimum Time if you are:

  • – Afraid to try new things
  • – Not willing to invest in yourself
  • – Cannot commit to learning and implementing

So now you have a choice!

You can pass on this program and keep wondering how, exactly, you’ll ever reach your income goals.

Or you can commit to investing in yourself, your business and your future and join us now.

When you take decisive action, you’ll instantly be relieved, as you gain a community of like-minded lawyers who are or have worked through the same challenges you currently face.

What is the investment? 

As a Guild member you’ll invest $297 per month or $2997 per year. Join now to lock in your rate for the life of your membership and never experience an increase.

Not ready to join the Guild but still want the course? Buy it below!

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