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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Mike Allton, Brand Evangelist for AgoraPulse, Author, Speaker and Social Media expert. Listen as they dive deep into content creation and social networks for lawyers and discuss about the best ways to implement social media strategies in different networks depending on your practice.  


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    • What does Mike do and how he got into it
    • AgoraPulse
      • Professional Social Media Marketing Tool focused on engagement
      • Publish & Schedule content
      • Monitor content on multiple social channels
      • Reports
      • Mike’s story with AgoraPulse
    • Ways that Lawyers can start to use AgoraPulse in their practice
      • Help Lawyers who Social Media is not their main gig
      • Automation / Processes
      • “The more educated I am as a consumer, as a potential customer, the more likely I am to know I can trust you and I want to work with you.”
    • Advice to Lawyers
      • Find an easy way to get started > Curating content
      • Scheduling content
      • Go Pro > AgoraPulse >Engagement > Reports
    • Social Media Attention
      • It depends on how much engagement you are receiving back


  • “As you grow an audience, as you become more familiar, as you are engaging with other people and they are starting to follow you and now you are having conversations on those social posts, that’s when you’re gonna wanna check it a little more often.”
  • “The conversations that are happening on social media are just conversations, and they can wait for a few hours.”
  • How often is too much?
  • There is a right mix: It depends on the social platform


      • Different kind of social platforms and Algorithms


  • Content sharing strategies and tips


      • Video and Image
    • Topics to avoid
      • Avoid posting about anything that is in and of itself illegal
      • Taking risks > Gaining more than you loose


  • Taking a stand with content
  • HACK:
  • “Pretty much every social network works the same way, when one of us post something to a social network whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, it doesn’t matter; you create a piece of content, you create a post in that network, the network watches that post, and they watch how your followers and they followers respond. They’re NOT paying attention to actually what is said, they’re simple looking at the reactions, comments and shares; engagement. Which means the more engagement you get on a post, the more visibility is gonna get…”


    • Tailoring posts and repurposing posts


  • Different strategies for each social network


        • Hashtags
        • Audience > Links
      • Publishing Images in Facebook


  • All about Youtube


      • People go to Youtube to find out something
      • Make your videos come up in the search
      • TubeBuddy > Tags
    • The intersection of Social with Voice Search and Voice Integration
      • Create content with your voice


  • The importance of blogging for lawyers


      • Written content is critical
      • The easiest way to create content for Lawyers
    • Starting in Social
      • Generally speaking, Facebook is the best place to start


  • “You wanna do what’s best for your business, which is getting in front of your target audience!”


    • USE Facebook ADS: You can target exactly who you wanna talk to
  • Short form content
    • As a tweet or LinkedIn
    • Very little information


Mike’s Blog Post about creating 26 pieces of content from a Live Video


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