“Conferences, Hiring, and Masterminds” w/Seth Price & John Fisher 156
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“Conferences, Hiring, and Masterminds” w/Seth Price & John Fisher Today’s guests need no introduction. Seth Price and John Fisher join us on the show today to share their feedback on the conference, their top hiring practices, the importance of documenting systems, John’s Mastermind experience, and more. Hacking’s Hack: Dale Carnegie-How to Stop Worrying and Start Learning Tyson’s Tip: Recently I’ve been thinking about how I can work out more. Make it easier for you to work out. Make it more accessible by putting an exercise bike in your office, keeping a change of clothes in the office, or keeping baby wipes around. John’s Tip: Strategic Coach and Dan Sullivan have totally changed our lives and businesses. Talk to anyone in the group and you’ll understand why it is worth every penny of what they charge. Seth’s Tip: Take a moment and look at your internal processes and procedures. Make sure that it is retrievable and useable to have those available. For more content from us please subscribe to our Youtube Channel Don’t forget to sign up for MaxLawCon20! Thanks so much for listening to the show! If you want to know more about this and keep on maximizing your firm, please join our Facebook Group or like us on Facebook and comment! You can also go to or, if you’d prefer, email us at: Interested in being on the show? Shoot us an email at or message us on Facebook! Welcome to the Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Partner up, and maximize your firm.


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