How To Market Your Law Firm to Grow Your Revenue with Chris Casseday
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Where is your best dollar spent in marketing your law firm? What do you need to have in place before you get started? What are the biggest marketing mistakes lawyers need to be aware of? This and more is what our guest, Chris Casseday gives advice about on today’s podcast episode. 


Chris is the director of operations at GNGF. He specializes in creating strategic marketing plans for law firms across the country. Over the past decade, Chris has helped drive millions of dollars of revenue for clients and is a strategic marketing leader over 15 years of SEO and is Google ad certified. Seeing his client’s online presence and revenue growth motivates Chris to work with energy and passion every single day. 



Episode Highlights:

2:45 Meet Chris 

4:27 Where is the best dollar spent for the next 5 to 10 years? 

6:36 What are some of the things structurally that people need to be thinking about before marketing?

8:33 What is a marketing funnel with strategies and tactics that need to be thought through? 

10:32 How do you move the wrong people out of the funnel and why is this important?

11:37 Web 2.0? Is it a thing?

12:29 Let talk about the mindset of leading with value first …

15:00 What to use as a lead magnet? Is there something working now?

18:03 2 to 3 biggest mistakes that lawyers make in marketing …

20:06 Is Google getting worse?

22:16 The importance of small victories when marketing 


Jim’s Hack: So for my hack of the week, I want you to think like an Eagle Scout. They have to do a project. A project they can not do all by themselves.They have to get help. So ask yourself — Who can I get to help with this? What can I delegate and how can I get different people involved in the project? 

Chris’s Hack: Schedule your 2023 and beyond, from goals to marketing meeting, Then pull in help when you need to, but if you don’t schedule that meeting, it’s gonna be March before you know it, and you’re gonna be behind the eight ball and not reach your goals for 2023. Get it done! 

Tyson’s Tip:  Audit the potential new client experience from the leads perspective. How easy or difficult is it for them to reach out to you? I would assume that all of us will probably find that it’s not nearly as good as what we would hope. 


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